Joseph Barani

Joseph Barani
About me 
Joseph Barani is a signature watercolor artist with years of experience in water-media. His paintings are included in personal and private collections across the country. He has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado and a Masters Degree in Humanities. He uses a variety of water based media for his desired effect with each adding its own specific element. He has fished most all of his life and relocating to Wyoming has allowed him to expand his love of art with now a passion for fly fishing. He lives in Sheridan, Wyoming and loves fishing the Tongue River… Joseph Barani ejoeb1@yahoo.com
Favorite quote 
“It’s the sound of the water, the feel of the rod, the selection of the fly and the mystery of the fish where all else is lost to the distractions of the moment.”
Other Interests 
Retired Professional Watercolor Artist
High School Art Teacher.
Group membership 
Wyoming - 9WY