james Casey ish

james Casey ish
Job title 
Fisheries Technician (Currently a River Guide for Granby Bait n Tackle)
About me 
Born and raised in Santa Fe, NM in 1994, I grew up fishing with my dad in the San Juan range of Colorado, and all over New Mexico. Some of my home water would be considered the Lake Fork of the Gunnison, as well as the Cebolla. In May of 2016 I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Fresh Water Conservation and Management with a Minor in Sustainability Studies. In addition, I worked as a fisheries technician for three years during school for a private consulting firm based out of Albuquerque (Aquatic Consultants Inc.) I currently live in Grand Lake, CO Guiding river trips on the upper reaches of the Colorado, Fraser, Willow Creek, and many more. Rivers, and the endless life and opportunity that they provide are my life, it's as simple as that.
Favorite quote 
"Aqua es Vida" - Someone who knows the truth.
Other Interests 
All things mountainous
backpacking photography
Group membership 
Colorado - 9CO
Colorado River Headwaters - 547
Colorado TU