Why clean water matters: Corinne Doctor

Being part of the seventh generation in my family to call Colorado home, I sometimes take the outdoor playground that this great state provides for granted. People move here to take part in all that our state has to offer, a huge draw being the outdoor experiences and amazing craft beer and other delicacies that require clean, non-polluted water to thrive.

The Clean Water Rule is essential to protecting our home waters, here in Colorado and across the nation. We cannot risk having the EPA roll it back. That action would result in leaving the majority of the streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands in the lower 48 without protection.

We in the outdoor and fishing industry know that without clean water, we have no business.

Fishing makes up a huge part of my life. I want to ensure that our fisheries here in Colorado and across the country maintain their health and vibrancy. Be sure to have your voice heard, for today and future generations—please go to TU’s Action Center and let our leaders know you care about clean water!


Corinne Doctor is co-founder of the fishing apparel company RepYourWater.


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