Video spotlight: A ranch family finds a river fix

In this new TU video, Colorado ranchers Bill and Wendy Thompson tell how their stretch of the Upper Colorado River was plagued with low flows and drought that left their irrigation pumps high and dry and damaged the river’s health.

Bill and Wendy Thompson from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo.


Working with Trout Unlimited and other partners, the Thompsons and other neighbors joined forces and launched a habitat project that restores natural riffles and pool structures in the river, benefiting the trout population,j while also raising the river water levels and fixing the irrigation problems.

It’s a great example of the “win-win” conservation partnerships in farm and ranch country that Trout Unlimited has been pioneering for two decades.

Listen as they tell, in their own words, of their pride in how the project improved the river’s health and their ranch operation. 



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