May and October are probably my favorite times of year for fishing or anything outdoors. We now enjoy warm days in the high 70's and nights in the mid-50's with moderate humidity here in the Smokies regions. Wet wading while fishing begins for most of us in the mountain streams with water still flowing strong during any given year. This year we have been blessed with what one may say is an overabundance of rain but after last year's shortfall, we needed it to refill the aquifers.


Ok, I am leaving out the part where the yard needs mowing every time you turn around and the house needs a new coat of paint. As someone who started mowing neighborhood yards for money at the age of 12 years old, the thrill of yard work left that station years ago. I prefer casting my fortune upon the waters after a day at work instead of another lap around the yard behind a lawn mower.


Having the Smokies just down the road and tailwaters around the corner it does not take much for me to put chores aside and hit the water. Somehow standing on a cool late evening knee deep in coldwater, while an osprey soars overhead fishing for his dinner beats another episode of nightly news and Jeopardy. "I'll take fishing for $800 Alex Trebek and hand me a cigar!"...the yard can wait.


Our next GSM TU chapter meeting is at 6 PM Thursday May 23rd at Dead End BBQ in Knoxville TN. We are continuing our series of presentations from guest speakers with fresh views and insights. This month's presenter will be Chad Fouts, guide and manger of Smoky Mountain Angler in Gatlinburg. He will be sharing information about the tremendous fishing available on that side of the mountain. I think many people have a tendency to overlook that watershed and are missing out on some great streams that are less crowded with a little bit of planning.


The Little River watershed seems to attract a lot of anglers who tend to congregate in just a few areas and we forget the miles of streams stretching all the way from Gatlinburg to Cherokee through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Come out and join us while we learn about new or forgotten waters right in our own backyard and enjoy some great Dead End BBQ!


Stay tuned for time and date for the upcoming "Kids Fish Free Day" held each year in June on the Clinch River at Millers Island. Sponsored by TVA, the Clinch River TU chapter and TWRA, it is a day where kids age 15 years old and below can fish for free with everything needed to fish. There is also fishing from boats available, a free lunch and prizes for the contest winners. It is a great way to introduce a child at no cost to the world of angling and the outdoors whether spin fishing or fly fishing. Volunteers are always needed for this Saturday morning event and we will be posting a link on the GSM website and GSM Facebook as we get closer for those wishing to help.


As always thanks to everyone who attends our meetings and events, it is your chapter and we invite you to get involved this summer. Please bring family and friends, and remember you never have to be a Trout Unlimited member to attend a Great Smoky Mountain TU chapter activity, just a love of the outdoors and fellowship of those who feel the same.


Follow us on our GSM TU website and to stay current with the latest chapter news and updates please visit our GSM TU Facebook page:http://m.facebook.com/GreatSmokyMountainTU/


John Reinhardt
Email: john711111@yahoo.com



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