Happy Fourth of July 2021…..Fireworks, parades and crowds are back at last this year. Here’s hoping you can gather with family and friends while enjoying the simple summer pleasures of cookouts, ice cream and the laughter of children on a warm summer night.


We are pleased to announce that the numbers are in from our recent Michael Bachman Gear Sale and the checks were distributed this week. As the Bachman family requested they wanted 50% of the proceeds to go to the Great Smoky Mountain Council Boy Scout Camp and the remaining 50% go to the Trout Unlimited Trout Camp in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Our total amount sold was $2,800 with a check to both the Trout Camp and the Boy Scouts of $1,400 each. I think the best part is due to the Bachman family's generosity not only will both of these organizations receive needed funds but Mike Bachman's gear will continue to fish the waters he loved and cared for in the future.


We want to thank those who helped with the sale at Dead End BBQ that evening. Hats off to Derrick Douthat, Robert Ogle and Noel Hudson. We also want to thank chapter Treasurer Bruce McNiel for keeping the records straight and making sure the checks were processed. Special thanks also to my friend and Clinch TU member Dave Harrell who helped me transport the Jackson Kayak, our biggest seller from the Bachman's house to my house and then to Dead End over a period of a couple weeks.


July will also bring our annual River John’s Picnic on Thursday July 22nd 2021 with the Little River TU chapter. We invite you to bring your family and friends to this once a year event on an island in the Little River just 20 minutes away from Knoxville. Please see the article below for more details and information.


We also invite you to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Sunday August 8th for another “Day on the Water” at Metcalf Bottoms Picnic Pavilion. Located just off Little River Rd approximately 8 miles from the Townsend entrance of the Park.

The Metcalf Bottoms Pavilion will be available to us from 9 AM to 5PM on Sunday. Join with family and friends for grillin & chillin stream side in the Smokies. Check out the article below for details and information.


As you can see above summer is in full swing and we are planning on taking advantage of all the outside activities we can. I fished the Smokies the other evening on a weeknight and there is still plenty of places to avoid the crowds and catch an evening hatch.


In closing we want to thank you for your continued support as we adapt and adjust to the year 2021. As always you never have to be a Trout Unlimited member to attend any Great Smoky Mountain chapter meeting or event.


Remember to follow us on the GSM TU Facebook page and the chapter website. The Great Smoky Mountain TU Facebook page is the best way to follow us during these constantly changing times for the latest up to date information.


GSM TU FACEBOOK: http://m.facebook. com/%20GreatSmokyMountainTU/


John Reinhardt



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