Summer 2021….what an improvement after last year! There is now a general sense of relief balanced with a common sense of knowing that we are not out of the woods yet. However with more of us receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, restrictions are lifting and a return to traveling and dining as we know it has begun. Let us hope it holds and this summer may be the most appreciated summer in decades.


We first want to thank everyone who came out to our long time sponsor Dead End BBQ for our auction on Thursday May 27th. It was a fun evening of catching up with everyone. Best of all a lot of gear was auctioned off and there were deals to be had while going to a great cause.


Thanks to Michael Bachman’s family for the donation of his fishing gear that will make it possible for the Boy Scouts and the Great Smoky Mountain Trout Camp to receive funds to continue their work. We also want to thank our GSM TU members Derrick Douthat, Robert Ogle and Noel Hudson for helping that evening preparing for the auction. Hats off to everyone!


As many of you know we normally do not have a June chapter meeting as so many begin their summer travel that month for vacation. We may throw an informal “Day on the Water” in June for those who want to gather together for some fishing and hanging out. Stay tuned to Facebook for any update and we will send an email to members if we decide to hold it.


Our next official meeting is on Thursday July 22nd 2021 at my favorite place, River John’s on Cave Mill Rd, just 20 minutes from down town Knoxville. Many of you remember we had to cancel last year’s Little River/Great Smoky Mountain TU Picnic due to Covid-19 concern. Well we are back on for this year thanks to River John’s continued generosity of hosting this annual event. Check out the article below for more information and directions.


In closing we want to thank you for your continued support as we adapt and adjust to the year 2021. As always you never have to be a Trout Unlimited member to attend any Great Smoky Mountain chapter meeting or event.


Remember to follow us on the GSM TU Facebook page and the chapter website. The Great Smoky Mountain TU Facebook page is the best way to follow us during these constantly changing times for the latest up to date information.


GSM TU FACEBOOK: http://m.facebook. com/%20GreatSmokyMountainTU/


John Reinhardt



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