May 2021…. The big news this month thankfully is not Covid-19, the buzz word is Cicada. It’s all everyone is talking about in shops, online forums and texts between friends. My cohorts and I are sending photos of patterns and flies we have tied to each other all in the angler’s never ending quest of that epic day on the water.


Here are a few facts based on the internet’s deluge of information. Our area is expected to be a hot bed for a Brood X hatch equal to the 1960’s British Music Invasion. So before you dig out your Beatle boots and slap on your waders check this out. Some scientists say there can be as many as a million and half per acre of cicadas. That sounds more like a locust invasion, however the same experts say they are not harmful. Yes, they can possibly damage young trees but at least they do not sting or bite as far as they know.


Most interesting to me is the anticipated noise level from the males catcalling to the females by flexing their ribs which produces their cacophony of sound. Again according to the experts a low flying plane sends out approximately 80 decibels of sound. A cicada male can make 95 decibels of noise, now multiply that times a million and a half per acre and you have yourself a heavy metal concert that will last three to four weeks. Maybe our focus is all wrong and we should be buying quality ear plugs to avoid the noise and maybe buy some stock in car wash companies.


In chapter news thanks to everyone who came out to Metcalf Bottoms for our “Day on the Water”. As always in the Smokies during spring the day started out rainy and chilly but by lunch time the sun came out, rain jackets came off and the fishing turned on. By mid-afternoon the sulphers were firing off looking like Friday afternoon at LaGuardia airport. That continued for almost two hours and people were catching beautiful wild Smoky mountain rainbows. It was a great day of catching up with friends and meeting new ones after a winter of Zoom and not being together. Blessed!


Continuing with good news we will have our first in person chapter meeting on Thursday May 27th at 6p.m. as we return to DEAD END BBQ on Sutherland Ave in Knoxville. It has been quite a while since we have gathered for BBQ and brews and I am looking forward to it. The patio doors will be rolled up and we will exercise whatever requirements they have at the time to maintain a safe environment.


This will also be a special event as we will holding a swap meet and auction in honor of Michal Bachman, GSM TU chapter board member and past officer who passed away recently. Michael besides his passion for the outdoors cared deeply about the Boy Scouts and Trout Camp and volunteered his time for years. His wife Madonna approached us about donating all of Mike’s gear to raise money for both organizations and of course we graciously accepted. Please read the article below for more details about this upcoming meeting on Thursday May 27th at DEAD END BBQ.


In closing we want to thank you for your continued support as we adapt and adjust to the year 2021. As always you never have to be a Trout Unlimited member to attend any Great Smoky Mountain chapter meeting or event.

Remember to follow us on the GSM TU Facebook page and the chapter website. The Great Smoky Mountain TU Facebook page is the best way to follow us during these constantly changing times for the latest up to date information.

GSM TU FACEBOOK: http://m.facebook.com/ GreatSmokyMountainTU/


John Reinhardt



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